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Michael Russell

Almost daily we hear people saying I must go on a diet or I need to lose a few pounds. These people are usually addicts of the slimmers' market or are overweight and are just talking about weight loss as a means of consoling themselves, knowing that they probably will not make the effort that is necessary to achieve their "target weight".

It seems in today's society that weight loss is an almost constant concern, not just by the people who manufacture all sorts of slimming aids, but also the general pubic who seem that much more aware of the need to keep the calories down.

There are probably a hundred and one ways that retailers will tell you is the best method to make those stubborn inches reduce. However, common sense says that the only real way to keep weight down (that's if you haven't already lost it) is regular exercise and sensible eating. Personal opinion doesn't enter into it. Our GPs have been telling us for years about these two facts but why do we consistently choose to ignore them? Does it sound too difficult?

Fact number one, as we get older - and the "lower end" of this scale has dropped to 40 years of age - probably because of lack of care, bad lifestyle management, bad eating, the only exercise taken is a walk to the car, one in four people are pretty well sure to have developed Type 2 diabetes. Obesity is the main cause of this condition. The side effects being high blood pressure, loss of circulation, usually in the feet, kidney problems, eye problems, etc, etc. It will eventually catch up with you. Promise!

Remember one in four: so if you're sitting on a 60 seater bus, chances are 15 people could have diabetes - yes 25 per cent!

So, what's the cure for diabetes. Answer. Nothing! On the one hand, we can ignore it, keep stacking the weight on, keep eating rubbish, let the blood pressure rise, start losing our eyesight, have problems with the waterworks. Then prematurely die!!

There is an alternative though, which involves weight loss. Many, many diabetics take responsibility for their condition - and that includes weight loss. They exercise regularly, eat plenty of low-fat food, plenty of pulses, as much diet drink as they like and, most importantly, walk for 30 minutes a day at least three times a week.

Weight loss is a critical issue in the society we live in today. With foods mass produced, it is up to us to keep ourselves in good condition. That means losing weight. It isn't really that difficult. We hear a lot from the more famous weight loss companies about their products giving you the ability to lose more weight than their rivals. But, commonsense, a visit to the library to see what a diabetic eats - which is always a good guide. Write yourself a little chart with your regime and away you go.

You will be surprised just how quickly you will get into shape. And, more importantly, it will be fun to do and you will certainly reap the benefit in the long run, especially if you are getting on in years.

Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Weight Loss

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