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Diabetes in Cats by Anand Srinivasan
Its scary when you first know your cat has diabetis but once you start understanding the disease and get more used to the monitoring it becomes easier for you and your kitty.Informing yourself of the disease is crucial, its not the same as human diabetis and its a complex disease that you need to inform yourself about.Don't feel overwhelemed by the amount of information.

Caring For Your Diabetic Cat by Lorna Findlay
It all started about two years ago, just after Christmas. We had put out three cats - Pansy, Bonnie and Clyde into a cattery for a few days while we went off for Christmas, not something we do often, but it was a bit of a treat.Upon our return, we noticed Bonnie, who was then twelve years-old was looking a bit thin, but we put it down to her pining for us, and not having her usual eating opportunites.

How Cats With Feline Diabetes Can Lead A Happy Life by Marc De Jong
“Your cat has feline diabetes.” If this is your vet’s message after examining your beloved friend, it will come as a shock. Yes, your cat has a serious disease.

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