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Vigorous Exercise Treats Diabetes by Gabe Mirkin, M.D.
An exciting study from Yale shows that intense exercise is far more effective in preventing and controlling diabetes than exercising at a leisurely pace (Journal of Applied Physiology, January 2006). That means that the diabetic who exercises hard enough to sweat and raises his heart rate above 80 percent of its maximum will be far less likely to suffer heart attacks, strokes, blindness, deafness, kidney failure and all the other terrible consequences of uncontrolled diabetes.Inactive, healthy, non-obese women over 72 years of age were started in training programs of hard (80 percent of aerobic capacity), moderate (65 percent) and easy (50 percent).

Shielding Lotions May Be Key to Diabetes-induced Dry Skin by Gloria MacTaggart
With the onset of winter, some 18 million sufferers of Diabetes — 6.3 percent of the U.S.

The Coming Chinese Obesity Problem by Lance Winslow
Today most Chinese People are fairly skinny due to their diets and the amount of food they eat, but in the future as their country’s riches grow the Chinese will get fat, dumb and happy like many middle-class Americans. Actually it is already starting to happen and they are picking up both our good habits of business and our bad habits of food.Diabetes is on the rise in China and this is a really serious issue.

What Is Gymnema Sylvestre And Can It Help Me Lose Weight? by Bill Herren
Search the ingredients list of most of the natural weight loss supplements today and you will undoubtedly find the ingredient Gymnema Sylvestre. Gymnema Sylvestre has some properties which makes it interesting to anyone wanting to lose weight. Some people in the weight loss world have started referring to Gymnema Sylvestre as the “sugar destroyer”.

Understand Diabetes by Rian Azari
Diabetes occurs when the body does not produce insulin, a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy for daily life requirements. It is still a mystery the cause of diabetes although genetically and environmentally influence such as not enough exercise and obesity play a role.To understand diabetes, it is good to learn something about pancreas, the long and thin situated behind our stomach.

Diabetes Supplies by Josh Riverside
Diabetes is a lifelong disease and can affect any one at any age or time. For many years this was considered to be a life-threatening disease, as there was no remedy. With improvements in research many therapies have been developed.

Manage Diabetes the Natural Way by Troy Francis
Currently, about 20.8 million Americans suffer from some form of diabetes. That's a whopping 7% of the population.

Diabetes: The $132 Billion Dollar Pandemic by Dr Robert Gamble
You know, it's not everyday a fellow like me gets to announce a major paradigm shift, much less concerning diabetes …or any other medical condition.You don't know what a paradigm shift is? Well, if I mentioned events and names like: Gutenberg, Copernicus, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, and Werner von Braun …you would probably guess a paradigm shift is major shift in thinking…and you would be right.

Diabetics: Add More Years to Your Life by Treating Your Body with Nature's Free Natural Medicine by Trevor Adheen
Physical Therapists are in great demand nowadays. They are making small fortunes administering therapeutic massages to accident victims, burnt patients, slip and fall victims and others. The patients either need to get back to work quickly or do not want to bother others to help them get around.

Deciding the Medical Necessity of Insulin Pumps by Lyle Mitzner
The Pump. An insulin pump is a medical device continuously delivering insulin under the skin through a catheter. It’s usually connects somewhere in the waist area.

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