Should Diabetics Drink Coffee?
An extensive survey reported in JAMA showed that drinking coffee reduces risk for developing type II diabetes. However, two recent studies suggest that once you have diabetes, drinking coffee may be unwise.
Diabetes: Plain Talk About The Basics
With diabetes, an attitude of 'ignore it and hope it goes away' can kill you. Literally.
If meals and insulin are out of balance, extreme variations in blood glucose can occur. In non insulin-dependent diabetes, weight control is the most important principle in addition to a well-balanced diet.
Weight Loss - Necessary or Cosmetic?
Weight loss, is it just a modern day fad? This article takes into consideration the way we live and suggests good health may be the best reason for embarking on a weight loss regime.
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Diabetes in the News:

Gene 'doubles risk of diabetes' (BBC News)
Carrying a common variant of a gene can dramatically boost the risk of developing diabetes, scientists say.
Diabetes alliance to launch 'Diabetes and You' project (Saipan Tribune)
The Commonwealth Diabetes Coalition, in collaboration with Diabetes Prevention and Control, will launch a pilot project called “Diabetes and You” Program this Saturday.
New anti-diabetes drug to cut costs (Interfax)
Shanghai. October 24. INTERFAX-CHINA - East China University of Science and Technology and Shandong Lunan Pharmaceutical Ltd. have jointly developed a diabetes drug using new technology which will slash production costs.
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